Club Announcements and Diary

SUBSCRIPTIONS 2017 / 2018 

Full Member £50.00 
Associate / Junior / Full Time Student £25.00 
Visitor fee (Standard events) £2.00 
Visitor fee (Featured lectures) £3.00 
Prospective new members (3 meetings) Free 

Members can place orders with Daphne Hanson for print boxes.  


These comprise a one piece raw edged box and lid manufactured fro



General Announcements:



  • ALL images entered to WDPS competitions MUST be the work of the author.

  • Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. Images from any other source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks and clipart are not permitted.

All alleged incidents of plagiarism will be investigated by the full committee and censure if appropriate dictated by them.

Any member accused of plagiarism will be entitled to meet with the committee and present their case prior to any decision being taken.

Censure can include a range of actions, up to and including expulsion from WDPS under a lifetime ban and notification to both the EAF and the PAGB.

Expulsion will NOT result in the return of any unused portion of subscription or monies pre-paid for club trips/events.

There will be NO right of appeal to censure.


Responses to requests for clarification will be based on Plagiarism in Photography – an interpretation by Christine Widdall AFIAP DPAGB BPE3. ( which has also been published on the PAGB website.




Members are now able to be notified by the EAF when a new edition of The Bulletin is available. To subscribe to this list please click on the following link




As we near the beginning of our new season I ask you to remind your members that NOMAD print boxes are available at a special price through our account currently organised for us by Daphne Hanson.

Daphne is taking orders now for the next bulk order to Nomad, so do ask your members to contact her as soon as possible if they would like to place an order see link:

However, as highlighted on the front page of the EAF Website, after many years co-ordinating this arrangement for our members, Daphne would like to pass the responsibility to a new volunteer.  If any of your club members are interested in taking on this important task they should contact Daphne direct:

Telephone: 01638 741106


Please be aware that if our current arrangement is discontinued our bulk order discount will come to an end.


Sue Dobson
EAF Hon. Gen. Secretary



Members are reminded that the Club has a Facebook Group where shared information and helpful advice is freely available


To join this Group, please follow the following link




We also have a Twitter account.  To follow the Club go to