A selection of images from some of our Members (all images remain the Copyright of the Author)

Being married to a photographer, I have been surrounded with photography for over 50 years. I have been a member of Ware since the seventies and apart from a couple of years, have been their Secretary ever since. I enjoy landscapes mainly in the Autumn and Winter although I am known to take a few people pictures and natural history.
I have a leaning towards 'classic' landscape images and love wildlife photography - in fact, anything that celebrates the beauty of the world around us! I just need more spare time with my camera!
My interest in photography started many years ago, learning to print in the darkroom from my father who was a keen amateur photographer in the thirties. Digital photography has I feel given amateur photography such a boost.

My website is mickwillisphotography.org.uk
I enjoy all aspects of photography, but mainly like photographing people in candid mode
Many of my photographs have been taken on the trips I have taken to foreign countries over the yeears.
I am a retired Architect living in Ware. My interests are Art and Photography and I belong to the Hertford Art Society as well as Ware DPS. Both have contributed to my other interest which is digital art usually created from digital images.
I have been taking photographs for many years, initially on black and white and then on colour film. I enjoy a wide range of photography, including landscapes, plant, flower and garden photography, architecture and abstract close-ups. I hope to continue to develop my skills and to try new aspects of photography.
I first got interested in photography when I was 8 years old, and took it up as a hobby as a teenager. I have been a camera club member since 1974, and am interested in all types of photography
Sue is a talented and prolific photographer who work with both printed and projected images.