About us

As you are browsing our website we assume you are interested in photography.    Great....so are we!

We are a group of enthusiasts - enthusiastic about making pictures.

What do we have to offer?

Weekly Meetings (during Season) where members of all abilities, ages and gender meet each other with a common interest.   

We run a complete Programme, which includes:

Portrait and Practical Evenings under the guidance of advanced workers to help you produce top quality pictures.

Illustrated Talks with digital images, colour slides and prints - with the emphasis on photographic subjects but also showing other aspects of life, such as travel, other hobbies and:

Outings by members to places of interest - with photography much in mind - resulting in pictures which may be used for:

Competitions of which we run several during during the year. These are for members and we run some for digital images and some for colour prints. These same digital images and prints can also be used for:

Exhibitions - we hold one major event during the year, usually at the Ware Arts Centre.  

Battles - these are competitions between clubs for which each club submits a set of pictures which are adjudicated by an independent judge.

Instruction is provided on specific aspects of photography and can also be given on a more individual basis, subject to need and request by members. The Programme Secretary is always willing to listen to suggestions for programme items.

Advice is always to hand. Much can be gleaned from the constructive remarks and comments made by visiting and club Judges.   We also have our very experienced members, who can always be approached and consulted.

Companionship is a strong part of our club. We encourage the hobby of photography through the pleasure it gives. This is reflected in:

Social Occasions.  These events are devoted solely to socialising and our two major ones are the Presentation Evening/Christmas Buffet and the Summer Barbecue.



Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the East Anglian Federation